Reef House is the best choice for Roatan Dive Resorts.

  • 11 Comfortable Rooms, Perfect for Vacationing Divers
  • Spectacular Home Cooked Meals
  • Our Full-Service Bar is Always Open
  • Amazing Dive Sites and More!

staying at reef house

staying at reef house

Our Roatan Dive Resort Rooms

We have 11 rooms in our Roatan dive resort which can accommodate an average of 24 guests. More, depending on how close you are. We work hard to provide you with a clean, comfortable, affordable home-base while you explore the best diving and fishing in the Caribbean on your Roatan dive vacation.

All of our rooms have TVs, plus WiFi and a spacious deck with a place to hang wet diving and fishing gear. Two of our rooms are located a short distance from the others, upstairs. These have their own deck and make an ideal hideout for a small group traveling together.

Each day, our Roatan dive resort housekeeping staff will straighten up and provide fresh towels, drinking water and other necessities.

Power: Chargers, phones, electronics…

Great news for U.S. travelers, we have standard outlets (U.S.-type) running 110V AC, just like home. Being a remote, tropical island, we suggest bringing a surge protector or circuit breaker to guard against sudden current changes, but you shouldn’t experience any problems on your Roatan dive vacation.

For our guests from other parts of the world, use the same adapters you would if you were traveling to the United States.

reef house breakfast

Reef House Meals

You’re probably not going to lose any weight at the Reef House. Most of our ‘Dive ‘n Stay’ plans include 3 meals every day. When we say meals, we mean MEALS. For breakfast, you’ll enjoy classic favorites like bacon, eggs and french toast. Lunch often includes various empanadas, pizza or fish.

Each night, we create something truly special to make your stay at our Roatan dive resort truly enjoyable. One night, you might dine on lobster. The next might feature coconut shrimp, inch-thick pork chops, or even a complete “Thanksgiving” dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and apple pie for dessert.

What ends up on the menu depends largely on what’s fresh and excites the chef. The portions are large and flavor is magnificent.

*Dietary restrictions are cheerfully accommodated, so please contact us prior to your visit and we’ll make sure we meet your needs.

Full Service Bar

If incredible diving and spectacular meals aren’t enough, there’s always a full-service bar located right on the ocean. Order your favorite beverage and enjoy it while watching the sunset view from our Roatan dive resort. Beautiful views of the mountains on the mainland of Honduras make for the perfect view at any time of the day. Our beers are all local: Salva Vida, Port Royal, Barena, and Imperial. Also enjoy a wide variety of spirits- several different kinds of Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, Vodka, Scotch. If you’re a wine drinker, then choose from our selection of red and white wines, which are imported mostly from South America. The prices are great ($2.50/beer, $4/drink) and it’s always Happy Hour! *No Outside Food Or Drink

Reef House Grounds

Our Roatan dive resort is remote, but not isolated. In front of the rooms, bar and eating areas, you’ll find our “pool”. It is a tiny private bay with fish, conchs and the occasional turtle. Beyond that lies open ocean. To the rear of our property, you’ll find our private dock. This is where you will arrive by boat, as well as depart for each day’s dives.

Our property is well-groomed with various palms and tropical foliage throughout. Left of the pool is a long-ish dock that takes you to our house reef and provides a good entry point for snorkelers and adventurous divers.

Corn Hole

It is nearly impossible to stay at the Reef House without getting into a game or two, or three of Corn Hole. Part art, part science, corn hole will put your athleticism to the test. You might even want to practice at home before playing a game on your Roatan dive veacation. After all, you’ll be representing your country and will surely want to make a good showing.


No island with a rich pirate history and an ounce of self-respect would be without a parrot. Creatively, our bird’s name is Polly, which in local parlance means “parrot”. When Polly’s not in his cage, you’ll find him ambling about the grounds, in one of our trees or bellied up to the bar. So, please watch your feet and be careful where you sit.