Your Best Dive Vacation, Roatan Diving is World Class

Roatan Dives - Scuba Diving RoatanGetting away for a lot of divers is a challenge. Work and family, limits on budget and other obligations conspire to make life feel like one long surface interval. Diving opportunities are precious.

Planning incredible Honduras dive vacations are easy. It’s paying for it that can present a problem–and making time. With that in mind, here’s why staying at Roatan dive resorts makes sense for your next underwater adventure.

Affordable Roatan diving

Dive resorts on Roatan are plentiful. They range from 5-star, luxury experiences to, well, fleabag dumps. No one wants to endure the latter, but you can usually avoid that by checking Roatan dive resort reviews online.

What most divers want is a clean room, a friendly tropical atmosphere and easy access to great dives. Compared to other dive destinations, Roatan can be a bargain. For example, we have a week long, Roatan diving package for 2 divers that’s just $1899! That’s unlimited diving, all your food, plus transfers for less than a grand per diver.

There are other dive resorts on Roatan, of course, so finding one that suits your tastes and budget won’t be difficult. Here, we offer free airport transfers, and can even pick you up from other locations around the island. If you stay with us, the Reef House is an all-inclusive dive resort, so there is literally nothing else to buy except drinks and t-shirts.

Traveling to Roatan is easy

Reef House Roatan Dive ResortSeveral major airlines offer flights directly to the island of Roatan. From the US, American Airlines and United Airlines both offer daily flights from Houston and Atlanta as well as several other airports. If you can be a little flexible, cheap flights to Roatan do exist, especially if you live near an airline hub.

As mentioned, we’ll deliver you to the resort. The ride from the airport is a little bumpy and it takes about an hour. West Roatan dive resorts are closer to the airport, but tend to be a lot more crowded. When it comes to diving East Roatan, your final hop to the resort is by boat which offers a view into the local lifestyle.

Staying on Roatan

Your phone charger works here at Roatan dive resorts, as do your other electronic devices. Outlets are US-style. Cellular coverage is pretty good most of the time. Throughout the island, you’ll find Internet access to be relatively good, although dropouts and slowdowns during peak hours do happen.

Roatan is remote, but you won’t need to sacrifice modern conveniences. The people are extremely friendly and English is commonly spoken.

There is plenty to see and do besides diving. Even in our sparsely populated East Roatan area, there are non-diving activities you can do on your dive vacation like zip-lines, sport fishing, mangrove tours and visits to remote offshore islets. Bar hopping by boat as a lot of fun if that happens to be your thing.

Roatan diving is spectacular

Roatan Scuba Diving - Reef House ScubaMost visitors take Honduras dive vacations to relax and dive. The pace is relaxed and our morning dive boat leaves the dock around 9-9:30am. We return for lunch, then do an afternoon dive a short while after that.

You find water temperatures in the low 80’s most of the year, with visibility typically over 80 to 100 feet. Roatan is surrounded by fringing coral reef out to about 30-40 feet, where the wall begins. Roatan wall diving will change your idea of what a wall dive is. Many of our dives, like Mary’s Wall and Calvin’s Crack wind through deep slots cut out of the reef face.

There is little to no current, so diving is comfortable, even for novice divers. With the clear, warm water and shear drop-offs, divers of all skill level need to be extremely vigilant with regard to depth.

Roatan dive vacation

By now, you probably have a lot of questions. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about Honduras dive vacations. We are extremely accommodating with dietary restrictions or other special needs or requests.

If you are looking for a diving opportunity that is truly world-class, check out our affordable Roatan diving packages. Best of all, you can leave your drysuit at home.

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