Roatan Dive Vacation

Roatan Dive VacationHere, you can you can spend a week long Roatan dive vacation and not see another dive boat. Our location on Oak Cay makes us the only dive operator this far East. There is very little diving pressure here. In fact, most of our dives sites are only frequented by our own dive boat.

Our reefs are healthy and pristine, covered with huge vase sponges, soft corals and giant sea fans. Also, thousands of creatures await your visit at every Roatan dive site. The only thing missing is other divers.

Reef House is remote. But, not so remote that you’ll miss out on classic Roatan dives like Calvin’s Crack or White House. Even these are less than a 30 minute boat ride away.

Dive! Dive! Dive!

Typical Roatan dive packages include 2-tank morning dives, plus a single tank afternoon dive. When the conditions are good (they usually are), Wednesday or Thursday’s afternoon dive will be replaced with a night dive at our own reef

Our dives are guided but flexible. We know you came to dive, so we don’t set limits on your bottom time. And we won’t ever make you feel like part of a herd.

A typical dive here is a wall dive. After what’s sure to be one of Divemaster Davitt’s classic dive site briefings, he’ll ask you to “meet me in my office!” Some divers back-roll off the side of the boat, while others prefer a giant stride from the swim step. Both Davitt and our Captain, Choco, will be on hand to help if needed or to pass down camera equipment.

You’ll meet on the bottom as a loose group in about 30 feet of water. Most divers choose to keep within range of Davitt. Having been diving these reefs for over 20 years, he knows what’s under every ledge. For example, just about every diver wants to see seahorses. They’re tiny and Davitt knows where they are. Davitt carries a rattle you’ll surely want to listen for.

Our walls are spectacular–and deep. We will generally plan dives for less than 100 feet, and choose sites to avoid reverse profiles. Along every wall, you can expect deep fissures and overhangs, lush with marine critters of every description.

Water temperatures range from 78 to 82 degrees, depending on the time of year. During the wet season, rain can cool the surface temperature a bit. Visibility is usually 80+ feet, and can be over 100. Like temperature, weather and time of year will affect visibility.

Our Dive Boat

Our dive boat, the Henry Morgan, provides comfortable access to Roatan’s best dive sites. She comfortably accommodates 15 divers, frequently fewer. Tank ranks run down the center, providing back-roll access to the water from just about anywhere on the boat. If you prefer, you can giant stride off the water-level swim step.

The ride is comfortable and dry, with protection from the sun as well as the occasional squall. On board, we carry drinking water and snacks, plus rinse tanks for your cameras along with other necessities.

You’ll exit the water by handing cameras up to Davitt and Choco. Next, you’ll remove your scuba unit in they water, which they’ll pull on board. This way, you won’t have to climb a slippery ladder onto a rocking boat carrying 40+ pounds of gear. After your dive, head back to your Roatan dive resort to relax.