Learn to Scuba Dive in Roatán

PADI Open Water Scuba Course

This is PADI’s primary scuba certification course. You’ll learn diving fundamentals and master underwater skills to make your dives safe and fun.

Our onsite Open Water course includes classroom sessions, as well as confined water and open water dives.

On completion, you’ll earn your PADI Open Water Certification, qualifying you to dive independently (with a buddy) to a depth of 60 feet. The open water certification course is $350.

learn to dive in roatan

PADI eLearning

We encourage you to take advantage of PADI’s eLearning program. eLearning allows you to do the course work at home. After a brief knowledge assessment and your final exam (you’ll do fine), we’ll get out to our “pool” to blow some bubbles.

Here, you will master all the same skills as if you had done your course work here at the Reef House. Soon after, we’ll take your out to the big pool for your open water dives!

With PADI eLearning, you’ll earn the same Open Water Certification as you would in our classroom. The cost of the eLearning course is $275.

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Open Water Referral Course

Referrals are a great option for divers living in cold climates, or those that wish to do as much scuba diving in Roatán as possible.

With a referral, you’ll use PADI eLearning or classroom, plus pool sessions to gain knowledge and master diving skills where you live. After that, your local instructor will file the appropriate paperwork for you to conduct your four open water dives, earning your certification here on Roatán! The cost of the open water referral course is $225.

PADI Advanced Open Water Course

We recommend PADI Advanced Open Water Certification to all divers exploring our local walls and reef systems. During the course, you’ll have an opportunity to expand your skills by working with an instructor to plan and execute five specialty dives.

Dives are structured to expand on your open water training, and to introduce you to new experiences underwater. Each dive focuses on a different aspect of diving. Three dives are electives and often include underwater photography, boat diving protocols or a night dive.

The remaining two dives always include underwater navigation and a deep dive. The underwater navigation segment focuses on using your compass, as well as natural features to keep track of your heading and location underwater. The deep dive take you to 100 feet. You’ll learn about special considerations for managing deeper dives, like increased gas consumption, reduced no decompression limits and the effects of nitrogen narcosis. The cost of the advanced open water course is $250.

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PADI Discover Scuba Diving

You don’t have to be a certified diver to explore our spectacular Roatán reefs. Through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of buoyancy control, mask clearing and other skills. Once comfortable, you and your PADI Instructor will head out to open water to experience scuba diving first hand.

Your dive will be shallow and you will remain with your instructor throughout. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun introduction to scuba diving. If you are like most of our Discover Scuba Diving participants, you will want to keep diving. Some of what you learn may even apply toward your PADI Open Water course.