Diving White House Reef will be like the majority of our Reef House dive sites. We’ll park the boat in around 30 feet of water, where Davitt will offer a classic dive site briefing. Typically, you’ll begin your dive fairly close to the wall. Once all divers are in the water, you’ll follow a short gentle slope and head over the ledge to the Southwest.

White House Marine Life

When in shallow water, you can expect to find reef fish in large numbers, including blue chromis, several species of angels, drum, squirrel fish and parrots. Look closely and listen for Davitt’s rattle. You’ve got a good chance of seeing a sea horse or two as well.

With the exposed wall, you have a chance at seeing almost anything–even pelagics, sharks or dolphins, depending on luck and the time of year. As you get deeper, keep your eyes open for curious barracuda, and possibly a cuddlefish or two. Seemingly every crack contains lobsters or crabs. Also look inside the sponges to find the occasional peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp or arrow crab.

All in all, White House is a favorite dive that we have largely to ourselves. We expect it to be a highlight of your Roatan dive vacation.