Roatan Dive Site: Two Antennas

Two Antennas gets its name from… two antennas that rise from the hilltops along the nearby shore. That’s all we’re going to say, because this is the kind of dive site worthy of keeping secret.

Roatan Dive SiteAnother wide-angle photographer’s paradise, Two Antennas is a shallow reef/wall system, which is typical for a Roatan dive site. What’s not typical is the stark, vertical wall, encrusted with giant ancient barrel sponges, brain coral, whips corals among other species.

Roatan Marine Life

Look inside every crack, hole and crevasse. You’ll likely find large crabs, several species of shrimp and lobsters. The lobsters often hole up in clusters of a dozen or more, and are surprisingly easy to approach.

Throughout your dive, be sure to look out, down and behind you. Larger pelagic species can be seen at certain times of year, including mantas and even the (remote) possibility of a whale shark.

You’re almost certain to encounter curious barracudas. They’ll seem timid when they catch you looking at them, yet always seem to appear from the edges of your vision.