Underwater Wonder

The mooring that leads into Calvin’s Crack begins at about a 10-foot depth. After entering the water, you’ll swim west towards one of the most impressive Roatán dive sites you can find, Calvin’s Crack. As you approach the entrance, take a second to appreciate the size of the walls that you’re exploring.

It is important to remember buoyancy control while diving Calvin’s Crack. If you’re unable to control your buoyancy, you may run the risk of breaking sensitive coral off of the walls while you ascend. This is one part of what makes Calvin’s Crack one of the most exciting Roatán dive sites.

Exploring Calvin’s Crack

The entrance to Calvin’s Crack appears small at first, but is just wide enough to enter. After swimming into Calvin’s Crack, you have the opportunity to explore depths of up to 90 feet. While between the two giant walls, you can look up to see the magnitude of the walls. The walls ascend towards the surface on both sides, while bubbles crawl up them until they are out of sight. If you look down, you can see the sandy bottom of Calvin’s Crack. Looking down at the bottom of the crack as you swim gives many divers the amazing feeling of flying through the water.

While exploring Calvin’s Crack, you will experience sights that are uncommon to even to the other Roatán dive sites. The huge walls are filled with bright coral and vibrant aquatic life. You can look left or right and explore all the variety of aquatic life that this dive offers. It’s common while on this dive to swim the entire way with schools of fish or even some more exotic creatures.

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