Diving Into Roatán

Keyhole Reef is a slot canyon Roatán dive site that provides the perfect dive opportunity for beginning divers. You will begin the journey by entering the water into the reef mooring. Here you will experience a vibrant underwater ecosystem filled with bright coral and plenty of sea life. After fully experiencing the mooring you will enter the main attraction of the Keyhole Reef dive, the canyon connecting the ocean to the nearby lagoon.

The giant canyon that you pass through is a must-see for any diving enthusiasts. In the canyon, you will experience depths of up to 100 feet and a blissful experience unlike any other. The canyon walls open to create an amazing beam of light that streams down into the depths of the dive.

When you reach the deepest depths of the Keyhole Reef dive, you are able to see the true size of the canyon walls. The walls extend upwards like underwater skyscrapers, and almost scratch the surface of the water.

Aquatic Life

When you reach this depth, you should look for some of the diverse creatures found in this Roatán dive site. Spread throughout the canyon wall, you can expect to find banded butterfly fish, snapper, fan worms, moray eels, and green starfish. All of these aquatic creatures are present and largely populated at Keyhole Reef.

If you’re lucky, some of the more exotic creatures may show themselves. Specifically, divers have reported sightings of the rare toadfish. These toadfish can only be seen in certain seasons, making a sighting very rare.

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