Paradise Wall is an incredibly cool dive. From the boat, you’ll descend into a virtually untouched shallow reef. As you head Southeast, you’ll find a series of crevasses and multi-level coral outcroppings that stair-step downward to about 75 feet before the wall drops off vertically.

Between reef structures, channels provide cover for numerous reef fish including grunts, parrots and squirrel fish. Here, you are likely to encounter several very large, free-swimming green moray eels. If Davitt happens to spear a lionfish, eels may be surprisingly bold as they scour every crack looking for food.

You’ll find a good number of other eels here as well. Look closely between coral heads to find spotted eels staring back at you.

Paradise Wall Topography

The underwater topography here is very dramatic. Channels twist and turn in several directions, and there seems to be a surprise waiting behind every new section of the reef. The wall slopes gradually at first, but gets fairly deep before turning vertical, making it easy to get very deep without realizing it. Please watch your depth closely as you explore this iconic Roatan dive site.