When you enter the water, spotting Newman’s Wall is as easy as looking down.  Your dive begins at a depth of around 20 feet.  From here, you can see the breathtaking sand chutes and steep vertical drops that are a part of Newman’s Wall. The top of the wall holds many types of coral, including soft coral and sea fans.

Classic Roatán Diving

As you descend deeper and further towards Newman’s Wall, you can expect to see plenty of vibrant sea life. Groups of pufferfish, lobsters, huge crab, and seahorses populate the ledges and holes covering the wall. Lucky divers might even see pairs of hawksbill turtles swimming along the wall near the coral groupings. You continue your journey and come into contact with its stunning drop-offs that lead to even greater depths.

As you continue your dive, you can swim along the wall and photograph one of Roatán’s most colorful dive sites. The dive is located just west of the Reef House and offers an excellent option for divers looking to descend into deeper waters with astounding drop-offs, in addition to the aquatic life you can expect on almost all Roatán dives.