The channels and swim-throughs at Mary’s Place are amazing. In some places the vertical walls narrow to just a few feet. Light beams from the surface in flickering columns, creating the feeling of an eery, submerged hallway.

Eventually, the channel opens up a bit where you’ll emerge onto the wall face at close to 100 feet. It is so spectacular, you’ll have to fight the urge to go through again in the opposite direction.

There is a second channel, not unlike the first, but with a few more twists and turns. It is also a bit narrower in many places.

Marine life is plentiful and doesn’t seem to mind divers too much. In spite of that, it is the magnitude of the experience you’ll remember. Mary’s Place feels like a cave dive in many ways, but there’s plenty of ambient light.

For sure, this is a dive you don’t want to miss.