The dive on Donkey Wall begins in around 30 feet of water. Below the boat you’ll swim among countless sponges, corals and gently swaying sea fans. As you make your way to West toward the wall, several sandy channels cut deep into the reef. Look for undercuts along the walls of each channel. Here you’ll find longspine squirrelfish along with several species of shrimp. Frequently, lobsters and crabs will make an appearance here as well.

The sand itself provides a hunting ground for spotted goatfish and a home for the occasional Jawfish. These areas also provide a sheltered resting place for nurse sharks and rays. As rays bury themselves into the sand, they tend to create a dust cloud, so watch for stirred up sand.

As you approach the wall, keep an eye out for Davitt. He may lead you to a seahorse, as well as a deep crack, which provides spectacular access to the wall.

Here, it gets deep fast, so watch your depth. Donkey Wall is a spectacular dive with numerous crevasses and overhangs. Out on the wall, you may see huge free-swimming green moray eels–especially if Davitt has speared a lionfish or two. Also, look back from time to time to spot curious barracuda.