Roatán’s Underwater Mountain Range

The island of Roatán rests upon the Bonacca Ridge,  a large underwater mountain range that is the result of tectonic plate movement. Thanks to the Bonacca Ridge, beautiful underwater walls make for fantastic Roatán scuba diving. Church Wall is one of these sites that offers incredibly breathtaking views. Because of the Bonacca Ridge, the underwater topography surrounding Roatan is amazingly diverse and the ecosystem complex.

Unique Roatán Scuba Diving

Church Wall stands out to many divers for its intense plummeting. As you make your way along the wall, prepare yourself for sudden drops as you feel the temperature getting cooler. As you float through the water, the wall will seem virtually endless.

You’ll see a beautiful array of colorful sea fans and sea rods that sway with the movement of the water. The variety of sea plants make for the perfect habitat to a variety of sea creatures. Be sure to look closely along the wall to spot small creatures who have taken cover in tiny crevices. The intense colors that make up the sea wall sometimes make it difficult for you to spot creatures that camouflage themselves. You’ll also see turtles, rays, and may even be lucky enough to spot a nurse shark. As you ascend after the dive, be sure to scan the area so you don’t miss some creatures that may be staring you down.