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Roatán Dive Vacations

Roatán is well known as one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world. Thousands of divers are drawn to Roatán year after year, to experience her lush reefs, spectacular marine life, and breathtaking walls.

It’s hard to find just an average dive site anywhere on Roatán, but the best Roatán diving is at the East end. There is very little diving pressure here, and most days you won’t see any other dive boats.

There are no Roatán dive resorts East of the Reef House. Dive sites that are out of reach for most Roatán dive operators are just a short boat ride from our private dock.

We’re remote but not isolated. On rare days when weather limits diving on other parts of the island, our reefs are calm and accessible. If you’re interested in Roatán diving without all the hustle and bustle, Reef House Lodge is ideal for your Roatán stay.

Generally, Roatán diving attracts divers from all over the world because of the pristine condition of its reefs. Concerns from community members have led to a reduction in pollution and unsustainable fishing practices. We take pride in our healthy reefs and can’t wait to show them to the world.

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roatan dive vacation

roatan dive vacations

Most Experienced

The Reef House opened as a bonefishing lodge in the 1950’s and was the first to host divers in 1971. The Reef House is Roatán’s oldest dive resort. Dive with us and you’ll see why so many divers keep coming back. Experience true Roatán diving with Reef House Lodge.

roatan dive vacations

Most Pristine

There are no other dive operators East of The Reef House. Often, you’ll dive for an entire week and only see one or two other dive boats…if any. Our reefs are the most healthy and pristine you’ll find anywhere on Roatán. And, we ensure that you have access to the best Roatán dive sites on the entire island.

roatan dive vacations

Most Friendly

Our home is your home. Really. Reef House Lodge is the place where you can escape to enjoy some peace, quiet, and relaxation. When you arrive here, you’ll feel like you’ve just arrived home. We take pride in making sure that Reef House Lodge stays the Roatán resort that people know by name for the welcoming atmosphere and best location.

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roatan dive vacations
roatan dive vacations

Come for the diving.
Stay for the vibe.

Our guests come to relax and spend time with friends, enjoy great diving and eat too much. It’s awesome here–the kind of place where people come for the day and end up staying for a month. If you’re looking to dive in Roatán, then Reef House Resort is the perfect spot for you to enjoy a vacation and also explore the incredible reefs surrounding Roatán.

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Roatán Diving

Roatán diving is made up of dramatic walls with deep cracks and overhangs. These provide cover for countless fish species, lobsters, crabs and even the occasional cuttlefish. At most Roatán dive sites, the wall drops off abruptly from around 30 feet. Here, our reefs team with hard and soft corals, sea fans and massive sponges. If you keep a sharp eye out, you might spot a seahorse or two. Each Roatán Dive site has thousands of creatures just waiting to be discovered.

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